by Marie-Eve Bournival-Paré July 05, 2021 2 min read

Have you ever noticed that even though we wear clothes every single days of our lives, we have a tendency to forget that these items are such an important part of our lives? I mean, we can count how many times we go to the gym or eat dessert in a week, but we don’t really count the number of clothing items we wear in a week. But still, we do wear a lot of clothing items, on a daily basis.

I believe that, since apparel can now be found at ridiculously cheap prices (hello, fast fashion!), we don’t take the time anymore to sew and repair our garments like our grandparents did. I believe all that contributed to make us loose sight of the real value of the clothes we wear, and the value of the savoir-faire behind each and every garment.

The more I learn about sewing, patternmaking and just the fashion industry in general, the more it makes me want to inspire people to care for their clothes. After all, loved clothes last longer, and environmental impact is minimized too. Double win!

When I started to learn to sew for myself, this is when I actually  realized that a $ 10 t-shirt didn’t make sense at all. 

So many people take part in the realization of an item of clothing. From the design, material sourcing, to the patternmaking, sample making, cutting, sewing, labelling, merchandising, etc. A lot of people along the way need to get paid. Patternmaking and sewing alone was taking me a great deal of time.

So I thought, how can everyone get paid fairly in the supply chain with a 10$ t-shirt ?

It makes you wonder. For sure, somebody, somewhere pays the price with poor wages, bad work conditions, for example. For that reason, producing slow fashion locallyin Quebec was really important to me.

So no, our t-shirts are not $ 10. But you sure do encourage the local economy, people who worked hard to learn the skills needed to make sustainable clothing. Plus, you can have the peace of mind that wages and working conditions are fair.

If you want to learn more about our locally crafted minimal apparel, hereare some interesting behind the seams articles for you on our blog.

Marie-Eve Bournival-Paré

Allô! Je suis la designer et fondatrice de Clothes & Roads. J’adore le thé, les plantes succulentes, le yoga, le chocolat et les bébés animaux. Entre le design de nouveaux items pour ma boutique en ligne, la gestion de la production, des réseaux sociaux et les finances de l’entreprise, j’aime partager sur le blogue des sujets divers comme la mode lente, le voyage, le zéro déchet, les produits locaux, le minimalisme et le vanlife! 🚐

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