Frequently Asked Questions


What is an eco-friendly garment?

An eco-friendly garment is a piece of clothing made from eco-friendly fabrics. These fabrics are composed of fibres that don’t require the use of pesticides or chemical products to grow. They offer several benefits: they dry quickly, they are soft, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and more. Bamboo, modal, lyocell, linen and hemp are some examples. To learn more about our fabrics, head over here.


What kind of fabrics are your clothes made of?

All our garments are made out of eco-friendly fabrics. You’ll notice that every garment in our shop contains a high percentage of the eco-fibre. This means that the eco-friendly fibre is mixed with little to no other fibres that are not eco-friendly. For example, the Wanderer T-Shirt is made out of 95% bamboo. This way, you can fully benefit from the advantages of the fibre.

 For more information about the fabrics that we currently use, read the page Our Fabrics


If an item is out of stock, will it become available again in the future?

If an item is out of stock, it is possible for you to request an email alert to be notified when the item will be available again. 

If an item in your order is out of stock, we will inform you via email to arrange for an exchange or refund.

Only clearance items will be discontinued.

Where are your clothes made?

Our clothes are designed in Quebec our founder, Marie-Eve Bournival-Paré, and are cut and sewn in workshops in the Greater Montreal Area.  


Where do your fabrics come from?

We buy our fabrics from a Montreal supplier. Because the climate in Quebec is not favourable to the culture of certain fibres, our fabrics are imported.


Where can I buy your clothes?

At the moment, our clothes are offered exclusively online. You would like our clothes to be sold at a retailer near you? Send us your suggestion at


Do your clothes require specific care?

Nothing complicated. We recommend washing your clothes in cold water and let them air dry to help increase their lifespan. Consult the Care tab under each product description to find out the care instructions specific to each garment. You can also refer to the care label inside the garment.



How do I choose the right size?  

Each product page includes a size chart under the “Size Chart” tab. If you need help choosing your size, contact  us at We want you to love your purchase, let us help you pick the right size.



What payment method do you accept?

We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express credit cards, and payments via Apple Pay.



You would like to cancel or modify your order?

Email us at as soon as possible to cancel or modify your order. Once the order has shipped, you’ll have to request a return or an exchange.



What is a pre-order?

When a new item arrives in the online store, it is first available for pre-order. That means you can buy your item right away, but it’s not in stock yet. It’s a way to reserve your item. Pre-ordering may also be available for some out-of-stock items already in store.

Either way, pre-ordering allows us to produce only the required amount of clothing items and to avoid overproduction, and therefore avoid waste: it’s our way of being green.


How long do I have to wait before receiving my pre-order?  

Shipping time may vary, but it can take up to a few weeks. Once the pre-order is received, our seamstresses start producing your garment. Shipping time will be confirmed by email.