Our Rewards Program

Join the journey and become part of a movement that values embracing a green lifestyle and more conscious consumption habits. Join our program and start sharing Clothes & Roads with your friends, an ecofriendly alternative to fast fashion that is ethically made in Quebec, and earn rewards by doing so.

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6 ways to earn rewards

Log in, earn points for different actions, and turn those points into awesome rewards! 

  • Create an account(100 points)
  • Like us on Facebook (50 points)
  • Share on Facebook(50 points)
  • Like us on Instagram (50 points)
  • Celebrate a birthday (200 points)
  • Make a purchase (1 point for every 1$ spent)

Ways to spend

  • Free shipping (500 points) off entire order, up to a maximum shipping amount of $15
  • $5 off discount (500 points) on orders over $60
  • $10 off discount (1000 points) on orders over $100
  • $25 off discount (2000) on orders overs $200
Want to know how many reward points you have or redeem your points? Log in and check your points status directly in our rewards program launcher.

Give 15 % off, Get 15 % off 

Give your friends a 15 % off discount code and claim your own when they make a purchase. Sign up, and head to the program launcher to get your referral link!


Where can I find the reward program launcher?

It is the button you can find at the bottom right of our website and it looks like this:

Rewards Program

How many people can I refer and how often?

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer or the number of times you can make referrals. So you can refer as many people and as often you want. The more you refer, the better are the chances of getting rewards!

Do you need to have made a purchase to refer a friend?

No. You can still send referral even if you haven't made a purchase on our website. You only need to have friends who you believe would be into our products and mission!

Why do I need an account to do referrals?

An account is required for tracking purposes so we can send your friends and yourself your reward. Create an account now.

Is there a time limit to use my reward?

No there is currently no time limit to use your reward.

How do I know when a referral has been successful?

When your referral will be successful, meaning that when the friend you referred completes a first purchase using your referral link, you will be notified by an email and will receive your 15 % off discount code.

Can I combine my reward discount code with another discount?

No. There is a limit of one discount code use per purchase.