• Our story

    Inspired by wanderlust and minimalism

    Hi! My name is Marie-Eve and I’m the founder and designer of Clothes & Roads. I decided to launch my own clothing company in 2017 after coming back from a backpack trip and living in a tent, a trailer, a dorm, a van, and hotels for 10 months.

    Living out of a suitcase really pushed me to reconsider everything I possessed. I concluded that you do not need lots of things to live well, and certainly not when you choose carefully and thoughtfully.

    As the seasons changed over my trip, I managed to evolve my wardrobe according to my needs and I figured minimal was the way to go. Not only for my trips, but for my daily life at home too.

    In a nutshell, this is how my adventures inspired me to create minimalistic designs, versatile pieces that are a must no matter where your adventures take you!

    I now help the adventurous souls who want to embrace an ecoconscious lifestyle to do more with less.