• Imagine a wardrobe that serves you year-round and simplifies your life. With a few capsule wardrobe essentials, you’ll have a ton of interesting outfits to choose from in no time.

    What is a capsule wardrobe?

    A capsule wardrobe consists of thoughtfully chosen clothing that can easily be mixed and matched to create outfits for different occasions. These are often timeless clothing items that withstand changing trends. They also tend to be in neutral colors for added versatility.

    With clothing that’s basically interchangeable, you can create a variety of different outfits with a limited wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe helps you do more with less! You’ll get more wear out of each item because you’ll be able to pair it with a bunch of different pieces in your wardrobe. Not only does a capsule wardrobe help you adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, it also allows you to save time, money and energy by simplifying your decisions. We’ve broken down more of the benefits of a capsule wardrobe in this blog post.

    What should go in your capsule wardrobe?

    When building your capsule wardrobe, a great starting point is what you already own and love. Begin with the basics and choose items that can be layered, dressed up and dressed down. Create a color palette with colors that are easy to match, such as solid colors (white, black, grey, navy, cream). For a pop of color, you can also add green, blush, yellow, or red. If you really want to uplevel your capsule wardrobe, add reversible clothing to your wardrobe and easily double your outfits! Whenever possible, opt for sustainable fabrics like bamboo rayon, tencel, organic cotton or merino wool.

    Our capsule wardrobe essentials

    We love to be helpful, so we’ve gathered 7 capsule wardrobe essentials from our online shop! These clothes are as fun as they are functional.

    Roundtrip camisole

    Ideal for layering thanks to its adjusted fit, this versatile camisole is actually reversible front-to-back with two different necklines: a scoop neck and a V-neck. It is a practical choice year-round that works perfectly under warm layers in the winter or under a blouse or tunic in the summer. It also looks great when worn as is, thanks to its adjusted fit and bra-friendly strap.

    Minimalist camisole

    As its name suggests, this camisole is understated yet elegant. Its semi-relaxed fit is great for casual outfits, but it also looks super chic dressed up with a blazer for a night on the town or a day at the office.


    Wanderlust camisole and basic V-neck

    Our semi-relaxed reversible Wanderlust camisole offers two different scoop necklines so you can easily adapt your look. Wear the high scoop neckline at the office and the low scoop neckline for drinks and dinner! Leave it over your pants or tuck it in for a dressier outfit.

    Every capsule wardrobe needs a basic V-neck t-shirt. You can pair it with pretty much anything, and wear it year-long with sweaters, skirts and under layers.

    Wanderer and Minimalist long-sleeve shirts

    Super soft and versatile, our Wanderer long-sleeve shirt is a wardrobe staple for all four seasons. Our breathable bamboo rayon allows you to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

    Unlike the Wanderer’s crew neck, our Minimalist long-sleeve shirt features a mock-neck. Wear it tucked in or out for a variety of looks.


    Crafted in our super soft bamboo rayon with a gentle waistband, our leggings are ultra comfy. You won’t want to take them off! Luckily, you can wear them super often, not only as loungewear but even under your tunics and dresses for a more refined elegant look. Like tights, but cozier!

    Palazzo pants

    Our Palazzo pants look ultra chic when paired with our Minimalist camisole, our Wanderlust camisole, a blouse or even a crop top. Effortless elegance meets all-day comfort in these extra flowy, wide-flare pants.


    Flow dress

    Our reversible Flow dress features a boat neckline and a deep scoop neckline, giving you two tops for the price of one! Wear it with high heels to dress it up and pair it with leggings or tights to enjoy it year-round.

    Which items will you choose for your capsule wardrobe? Which of our many colors do you like most?

    You may also enjoy our post about reversible clothes and the benefits of a capsule wardrobe.

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