• A bunch of new arrivals have landed in the shop as part of the Fall & Winter 2022 collection. In this post, I walk you through our newest and comfiest clothing items that are sure to keep you cozy on chilly days!


    1. Athabasca Tunic

    Our Athabasca tunic pairs well with the Roundtrip camisole as a base layer and goes beautifully with our high-waisted Nomad leggings to create a super casual look. Your new must-have outfit for working from home is now available in rose brown!

    2. Jasper Tunic

    Our A-line fit Jasper tunic can be worn with our leggings and our reversible Roundtrip camisole for a comfortable yet stylish look. Like our Athabasca tunic, our Jasper tunic is also available in a super pretty and soft rose brown.

    3. Joy Sweater

    Nothing like a cozy sweater to keep you warm on a chilly day! Our 100% organic cotton Joy sweater is proudly knitted in Montreal. Soft and local, just the way we like it! Already offered in eucalyptus and black, our Joy sweater will now also come in orange and pine.

    4. Flow Reversible Dress

    Our Flow reversible dress can be worn as a tunic with leggings. Dress it up with a blazer for the office or dress it down with a knit sweater for the cottage! Plus, it's reversible, with a boat neckline and a deep scoop neckline. Choose which neckline to wear in the front depending on your outfit and mood! For our Fall & Winter 2022 collection, our Flow reversible dress makes its debut in black and port—a gorgeous shade of red.

    The model shown in the photo is wearing the higher boat neckline in the front. To learn more about reversible clothing, check out our post: 5 Benefits of Reversible Clothing: Double Your Wardrobe and Travel Light with Convertible Clothes.

    5. Wanderer Long Sleeve Shirt

    This long-sleeve shirt is super popular year-round, and for good reason! Its fitted cut makes it ideal for layering, while being lightweight and breathable. Wear it on a camping trip in the summer to protect your skin from mosquitoes without feeling overheated. In the fall, winter and spring, layer it up by wearing a tank top like our Roundtrip camisole underneath it and adding a shirt, sweater, fleece or jacket over it. Available in several colors, this highly versatile long-sleeve sweater is certainly an essential for your minimalist wardrobe! This fall, it will be offered in our stunning new color: port.

    6. Minimalist Long Sleeve Shirt

    Like our Wanderer long sleeve sweater, our Minimalist sweater is another wardrobe essential! The cut is the same as our Wanderer long-sleeve shirt, making it another ideal choice for layering. But its collar is different and goes up to the neck, without being uncomfortably tight.

    I personally love wearing the Minimalist long sleeve shirt in the winter under itchy wool sweaters. The high collar protects my skin so I can be super comfortable in wool. Our Minimalist sweater also joins the collection in a vibrant port red.

    7. Glacier Neck warmer

    Our multipurpose Glacier neck warmer is a cold weather essential! Whether you take it on a hiking adventure, camping or simply wear it on your commute from home to the office, a good (and soft) neck warmer is our best ally in frigid weather. You can wear this multifunctional neck warmer in 8 different ways, even as a beanie! Match it with our infinity scarf to create a perfect duo.

    8. Chilly Infinity Scarf

    Our very first scarf has just landed in the online shop! It is made of the same fabric as our Glacier neck warmer: merino wool and tencel. A blissfully soft blend! You can wear our infinity scarf like a shawl, or you can loop it around once or twice based on your outfit and the temperature!

    9. Expedition and Authentic Unisex Socks

    Made of sheep's wool, our unisex socks keep feet toasty warm! New sizes and colors make their grand debut this Fall & Winter season. Our Expedition socks are available in grey, black and navy, whereas our Authentic socks come in grey/red and grey/black. Both types of socks are available in medium and large sizes.

    10. The Classic 5'' Boxer Brief and the Classic 3'' Trunk

    You LOVE our men's boxers, and since I fell in love with the new port color, you guessed it: I couldn’t resist making our boxers in this vibrant shade of red! It’s quite a summery color, yet versatile enough to look great year-round. We offer both a long and short boxer length to suit individual styles and seasons. If you haven’t had a chance to try them for yourself, check out this post in which I give you 8 Reasons to Love Our Men’s Boxers.

    11. Underthings for Her

    Just like our underthings for him, our 5 most comfortable and eco-friendly types of underwear for women are now available in our new port color. Yay! Bulk discounts are offered when mixing several items of women's underwear. You can choose from a range of sizes, colors and models. The special pricing will be calculated in your cart at checkout.



    So there you have it—a tour of our newest arrivals for Fall & Winter 2022. If you’re unsure about a size, send me your measurements at If you prefer to shop in person, visit me at one of my upcoming events. Hope to meet you there!

    Marie-Eve Bournival-Paré
    Marie-Eve Bournival-Paré

    Hi! I am the designer and founder of Clothes & Roads, I love tea, succulent plants, yoga, chocolate and baby animals. Between designing new clothes for my brand, managing my social accounts, the production and the business finances, I like to share on the blog a diversity of subjects like slow fashion, travel, zero waste, local products, minimalism and vanlife! 🚐

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