by Marie-Eve Bournival-Paré June 22, 2021 2 min read

I must admit, men have been asking me for a while now boxers that are as comfortable as our underwear for women. I can totally understand. Women just love them, enough to make you guys jealous! So I’m glad to present to you our newest arrivals, the classic boxer brief and the classic trunk. They finally came to life thanks to all your comments and requests. Here are 8 reasons you’ll love our men’s boxers.

men's navy boxer brief
Photo credit: 🚌 Horizon Skoolie and 📷 Isabelle Jetté Photographe


1. Bamboo rayon

Like our women’s underthings of the same collection, our men’s boxers are made from bamboo rayon. You can get them in the same fabric and colors. Men and women can now match their underwear!


2. Comfortable and soft

I swear, this fabric is just so soft (it is probably the comment I get the most!). It breathes really well, a lot better than cotton. Basically, it is like a second skin.


3. Flattering fit

The fit of the boxer follows the curves of the body without being restrictive or tight, making you looking great while still being super comfy.


men's boxer brief black
Photo credit: 🚌 Horizon Skoolie and 📷 Isabelle Jetté Photographe

4. Short or long

Our boxers are offered in two lengths. For those of you that prefer a shorter length, we have the classic trunk with a 3-inch inseam. And for those of you who’d rather have more coverage, our classic boxer brief will surely please you with its 5-inch inseam. It’s all a matter of preference, but either way I’m sure you’ll find the perfect fit for you.


men's boxer brief
Available in many colors
men's boxer brief
Available in many colors


5. Supports where it should

Normally I personally test my own designs. However, this time, for our very first masculine underwear, my anatomy was… insufficient to properly test them. I had the support from men around me to wear them and I had the confirmation that they were plenty supportive enough!


6. Soft and comfy branded elastic

You will notice that the elastic of our men’s boxers showcases our band new signature logo. It is soft and comfortable and will not dig in. With its tone-on-tone logo we keep it neutral and minimalistic while adding a branded touch to it.



7. Locally made

Just like all our other items in our shop, our boxers are created, cut and sewed in Quebec. Local manufacturing is part of our DNA and therefore this it is not about to change! Our men can proudly wear ethical underwear made locally.


8. Quantity pricing

You can enjoy quantity pricing on boxers no matter what sizes, colors or models you choose. It is all about mix and match! It is advantageous when you need to buy a few underwear at a same time. Quantity pricing is indicated in the product page and is automatically adjusted in your cart.

No promo code needed!


men's grey boxer brief
women's boxers

We also have boxers… for women!


Who needs boxers? 🙋‍♂️

Marie-Eve Bournival-Paré

Allô! Je suis la designer et fondatrice de Clothes & Roads. J’adore le thé, les plantes succulentes, le yoga, le chocolat et les bébés animaux. Entre le design de nouveaux items pour ma boutique en ligne, la gestion de la production, des réseaux sociaux et les finances de l’entreprise, j’aime partager sur le blogue des sujets divers comme la mode lente, le voyage, le zéro déchet, les produits locaux, le minimalisme et le vanlife! 🚐

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