Comfort is always my primary goal when I develop new products for Clothes & Roads. My mission is to create comfortable, practical clothes that can be used for a variety of occasions. By having versatile clothing options, we need way fewer items in our wardrobe! We’re huge fans of minimal and versatile fashion over here!

That’s why I’ve created basics that are sure to become your best friend in everyday life or on your travels and, given our new reality, your outfit of choice while you work from home!


1. Working from home in pyjamas? Sure, why not?

Seriously, who hasn't worked from home in their pajamas at least once? Come on, admit it: it's really nice to treat yourself to a super casual, mellow-outfit day once in a while! These comfy jogging pants and oh-so-soft organic cotton TENCEL crew neck t-shirt are just what you need. Although I love to wear this t-shirt with jeans, it also happens to be my favourite t-shirt to sleep in! Consider it a 2-in-1 sleep + telework outfit!

Shop our CALM crew neck organic cotton t-shirt


2. Dressy V-Neck Top + Casual Jogging Pants

Slip on your light bamboo V-neck top and grab an iced coffee—you’re ready for your next Zoom meeting! This look combines the same comfy jogging pants, in black this time, with our delicate bamboo V-neck t-shirt. Needless to say, if you know our stuff by now, it’s incredibly soft.

Shop our comfy jogging pants and V-neck bamboo t-shirt


3. Palazzo Pants

These palazzo pants can be dressy or casual, depending on the accessories you choose. I have to say I LOVE our palazzo pants! With its very wide leg, it has a super fluid look to it. Rayon modal fabric is ultra soft, thin and lightweight. The high-waist cut is comfortable with a soft elastic that holds the pants up without feeling tight. Work comfortably from home with these casual pants and take advantage of its fit to enjoy some light yoga or gentle stretches on your breaks!

Shop palazzo pants


4. Fleece Sweater

Sometimes the A/C chills us to the bone or we just want a little extra dose of cocooning. It’s always nice to have a cozy sweatshirt within reach, no matter the season. Our sweatshirt is gender-neutral, but don’t let your man steal yours; he can get one for himself in our shop!

Shop our JOY sweatshirt


5. Nomadic Leggings + Tunic

I've been wearing these leggings for years now (long before I added them to my shop). So yeah, it's definitely one of my favourites! It's a bit like tights, but dressier. The bamboo rayon fabric is so soft, it feels like a second skin. I literally wear them year-round. I love pairing my nomad leggings with a tunic.


Who dresses casual and cozy when working from home? 🙋‍♀️

Marie-Eve Bournival-Paré

Allô! Je suis la designer et fondatrice de Clothes & Roads. J’adore le thé, les plantes succulentes, le yoga, le chocolat et les bébés animaux. Entre le design de nouveaux items pour ma boutique en ligne, la gestion de la production, des réseaux sociaux et les finances de l’entreprise, j’aime partager sur le blogue des sujets divers comme la mode lente, le voyage, le zéro déchet, les produits locaux, le minimalisme et le vanlife! 🚐

2 Responses

Clothes & Roads
Clothes & Roads

September 08, 2022

Thank you so much Patricia for the kind words! :) And thank you so much for sharing!

- Marie-Eve

Patricia Darlington
Patricia Darlington

September 08, 2022

You have style snd great designs! I love ❤️ the combo of bamboo with other materials. I will be sharing with my daughters and friends!

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