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For sanitary reasons, this item is non-refundable, non-exchangeable.

This mask was designed to help you protect others from your saliva projections when social distancing cannot be applied. It holds well on the head, even when in movement, it is soft, durable, and washable. Its high-end fabric has been tested in laboratory to resist many washes.

The mask is a partial and additional protection. It does not replace hygiene and prevention measures recommended by the government, such as hand washing and social distancing. These remain the most efficient again COVID-19 virus.


Ideal for: asymptomatic carriers, general public, outings where social distancing is not possible (ex: public transport, grocery, etc.)

Benefits: comfortable for the nose and ears, soft for the face, easy cleaning

Characteristics : 2 fabric layers, wrinkle-resistant, follows the curves of the face, adjustable at the neck, covers the nose and chin, sewn in Quebec by fairly paid labor

Material: 91% polyester, 9% spandex, knitted in Montreal. Elastic bands: 92% recycled polyester, 8% spandex. 

Fabric care: Always wash the mask before the first use and between each use, machine wash hot, use soft laundry soap, tumble dry. Learn more.

Recommendations: Change the mask every 4h, or as soon as possible if damp or dirty. Plan to have more than one mask if you intend on wearing one during whole days. Make sure to put on and take off the mask properly to avoid contamination.