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  • About our annual sale

    Samples made during the creation process of a new product. They are not necessarily the final version of the product, but a version in-the-making. Creating samples allows us to test different things.

    Though every production batch goes through rigorous quality control, different kind of defects can happen along the way. For example, a fabric stain,
    a small hole, or a seam defect.

    You can also find some ovestock products.

    The discount depends on the general state of the item.

    On each individual product page on our website, you’ll see a short description of the defect type or the reason for the discount (e.g., small hole, stain, perfect sample, etc.)

    Quantities are very limited

    All sales are final

    Between May 20-28, 2024, online only. Hurry! This sale happens once a year for a few days only!

    Don’t miss your chance to discover or rediscover our items at low prices!