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Our Values


At Clothes & Roads, we think every individual should consume responsibly, consciously, and thoughtfully. Consuming less and better is the way to go. From the ecofriendly material we choose for the designs, the process of fabrication, to the choice of packaging to ship our goodies to you, we always thrive for the greenet alternative. Producing clothing items, or any physical products for that matter, requires materials, resources, transportation, etc, meaning that every step of the way requires thoughtful decisions to keep you and our planet in mind.

At Clothes & Roads, we’ve got adventure in our blood. I am pleased to welcome you in this community of adventurers and wanderers who advocate an eco-conscious mindset and lifestyle.

Proudly made in Quebec

Here you can shop minimal and versatile designs ethically and locally crafted.

Ecofriendly and thoughtfully made apparel

We believe in better consumption, better choices, ecofriendly selected materials, thoughtful design and production process. 

To know more about our ecofriendly initiatives, read our blog here.

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Ethical and local


Our mission

Inspire the adventurous travelers to a mindfull and ecomindset and lifestyle.


Meet our Founder

Hello there ! My name is Marie-Eve, and I’m the founder and designer of Clothes & Roads. I decided to launch my own clothing company in 2017 after coming back from a backpack trip and living in a tent, a trailer, a dorm, a van, and hostels for 10 months in the Canadian Rockies, the American East Coast, and Mexico. What a thrill it was!

Living out of a suitcase really pushed me to reconsider everything that I possessed. Do I really need this? I concluded that you do not need lots of things to live well, and certainly not when you choose carefully and thoughtfully.

As the seasons changed over my trip, I managed to evolve my wardrobe according to my needs and I figured minimal was the way to go. Not only for my trips, but for my daily life too. Getting dressed in the morning became so much easier. The less clothes I had, (but that I actually wore) the easier it was to get dressed. It applied to my life on the road, and also when I came back, at home. This is how I came around deciding to create minimalistic designs, versatile pieces that are a must no matter where your adventures take you, near or far from home. And of course, creating locally and being ecofriendly was a no brainer for me.

So there you have it, how my adventures inspired me to create Clothes & Roads!


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