• About Us

    Clothes & Roads is not a fashion brand.

    It's a lifestyle brand that takes a stand against fast fashion and the damages it causes. We want to inspire the dreamer and the traveller to take actionable steps towards a more sustainable way of living. It all starts at an individual level. Clothes & Roads is doing its part by providing clothing that is ethically made here in Quebec by fairly paid workers.

    We create timeless apparel, meaning that each item can go through seasons and still remain purposeful in your wardrobe. Our items are inspired by travel, and guided by minimalism and sustainability.

    Meet our founder

    My name is Marie-Eve Bournival-Paré and I am the founder and creator behind Clothes & Roads. I'm just as much a dreamer and a traveller as you are. 

    Clothes & Roads started as an idea, and evolved into a dream. Oh, and also, I once was a broke student who couldn't afford to buy new clothes. I figured ''Why not learn how to sew!?'' Creating and repairing my own clothes was a resourceful and economic way to make ends meet. Turns out, I am an autodidact.

    The inspiration came from my many backpack travels, which resulted in a minimalistic lifestyle that I rapidly embraced, and a growing social and environmental conscience. Thanks to my mom's sewing machine, the dream to start my own business became reality.

    Thanks for joining me on this adventure!